Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Sea Bass are here !!!

Well I had signed up for the Maximus 1pm to 1pm trip a while back and forgot about it. I am glad Keith called me to check in last week. I really did not expect anything the bite has been so scratchy lately. But I though it might be interesting to get to the fishing places after most boat had gone home and fish into the evening and then go at it at grey light again then hit it home.

We headed out of the harbor and stopped to catch some mackerel
to use as bait. We had full live wells of sardine and frozen squid as well.

I was the first one to hook and land one about 11:30 pm Tuesday nite. Then about 6 more were landed and I turned in about 12-12:30. At about 4am I got up and within 20 minutes We started getting bit. All of the sea bass were caught on live mackerel (except one on sardine) on dropper loops or w/egg sinkers.

Mine weighed out to 35 lbs. (the biggest WSB I have ever landed- Woo Hoo!) others were up to about 60lbs. For these I had on 65 lb spectra with a 40Lb mono topshot on a 2 speed reel. I was so excited I never put it into the 2nd gear, I just reeled when I could and maintained pressure, let it run and Keith was a wizard with the gaff.

Second Capt - Forrest and his Toad

Keith got one too.
This was the evening catch - do we look exhausted and happy? I could not hold my fish up any more, but I am wearing my GCLA sweatshirt proudly.
GCLA Girls Can Land Anything !!!!!!!!

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